The Power of a Flower – Hydrangeas


Hydrangeas are one of my Mother’s favourite shrubs and were often the stars of her summer to autumn garden providing weeks of colour. Each year she loved to experiment with colour until she had changed some of her white (the hydrangeas natural colour) to blue, pink, mauve and purple and sometimes a mix of colour within the same plant.

The hydrangea has the ability to hold aluminum so the flowers can quickly turn blue or other colours based on the acidity of the soil. They can be yellow, green, pink, red, purple or violet.

Whilst they are not a difficult plant to grow, in a hot and dry climate such as Mudgee they do require quite a lot of water, regular debudding, and pruning each year to maintain their flushes of flowers.

The makers of artificial flowers have attained great expertise with reproducing the power of this flower the hydrangea and Forget Me Not Mudgee has some wonderful colours available depicting their bold and bountiful look.Image 13

The hydrangea originally came from Japan before it spread across Asia. Hundreds of years later it came to Australia, Europe and North America.

Not surprisingly with its origins in Japan, and humans being masters of symbolism this flower serves a double purpose as a symbol too. The hydrangea is a powerful flower. This shrub symbolizes diverse meanings and whilst overtime some have erred on the negative the positives far out way any of the negatives.fla422-pb_enlarge

The power of a flower – hydrangeas.  The Hydrangea flower’s message is: – A rare beauty, expressing heartfelt emotions and staying humble to become prosperous.

This is a beautiful, natural or artificial, flower for: –

  • Decorating your home,
  • As a gift,
  • It’s the flower of a 4th anniversary,
  • and the white and pink flowers make for magical floral decorations for weddings.

Come and see us at Forget Me Not Mudgee and let us help you put together a beautiful artificial Hydrangea arrangement.

Jane Koitka – Stylist.  Guest writer for Forget Me Not Mudgee.