The count down to Valentine’s Day is on.

valentine roses

14th February, St. Valentine’s Day is celebrated in many countries throughout the world.

The background of it’s patron saint is buried in centuries long gone and mostly forgotten about by many who see it more as a time of commercialisation than a time steeped in history and mystery. The celebration contains vestiges of both Christian and ancient Roman tradition dating back to the 13th century.

We are getting ready for this special day to spread the joy, love and happiness that flowers, chocolates and other small gifts bring to your loved ones.

Roses, particularly red, known for their symbolisation of ‘love’ are generally the most preferred flower for Valentine’s Day.Red roses from Pinterest

Have you given thought to the symbolic meaning of the different colours of roses as a Valentine’s gift? When you choose a certain colour or colours of roses you bring a whole new depth of feelings and emotions to the gift.

Remember, the count down to Valentine’s Day is on. This brief summary of some of the symbolic meanings may help in your decision-making: –

Red Roses. RED roses heart shapedThey are a true expression of love and convey respect, admiration, passion or devotion. If you are asking someone to ‘be yours,’ and ‘I love you’ then you need 12 red roses. Deep Red has a different meaning so stay away from them for Valentines.


White Roses. White is the colour of purity and generally associated with new beginnings.White roses




Yellow Roses: Yellow rosesYellow signifies platonic relationships and symbolise friendship and caring. This is the colour to use when your Valentine is a friend.


Pink Roses. Roses in basket boxThere are many different pink variations. Generally they convey gentle emotions of admiration, joy and gratitude.



Orange Roses: Orange rosesYou would choose these if you want to set your relationship on ‘fire.’ They send the message of passion, energy and intense desire. They are the only rivals to the red rose to signify romantic passion.


Lavender Roses: Mauve rosesIf you have just fallen in love with somebody then the lavender rose is a must. They express “love at first sight,” fascination and adoration.





Mixed roses in vaseMixing different colour roses will convey different emotions. For instance mixing red and white roses would mean ‘I’m madly in love with you and my intentions are honourable.” Whereas a random mix of roses could send mixed messages suggesting you are unsure of your feelings but you really do like the person.



We hope this helps you convey the right message to your Valentine. The countdown to Valentine’s Day is on; place your ORDER NOW so that we can get it just right for you.

Guest writer:  Stylist – Jane Koitka