Ten Reasons to give a Teddy Bear for Valentine’s Day


Nearly everyone loves a Teddy Bear, in fact many teddy bears have been treasured by their owners for years and there is always room to welcome another one in to the family.

Here are Ten Reasons to give a Teddy Bear for Valentine’s Day

  1. Teddy is the Softest of all Companions – you are giving one of the softest companions anyone can have.You can hug them for as dreamstime_s_14750371long as you want and they’ll just keep cuddling you back. The hugs are on your terms and it will be a perfect hug every single time.  They evoke a sense of peace, security and comfort.
  1. Teddy is a great listener – your recipient will always have a perfect listening companion Teddy will listen to all your troubles, issues and excitement.   They will never ask you to stop, never contradict you and will always have the greatest empathy for you.
  1. Teddy is wonderful to sleep with – your Valentine will always have the perfect sleeping companion It’s not just small children who need to take their teddy to bed with them; adults and elderlies love to sleep with their teddies too.
  1. Teddy is always helpful – your Valentine will always have somebody to bounce their ideas with Teddy will listen intently whilst you run your ideas past them for your school or work assignments, writing a speech and there’s nothing like practicing the delivery of your speech on your teddy bear.
  1. Teddy doesn’t have to be maintained – your Valentine will not have to worry about giving teddy a bath, feeding him, or taking him to the toilet  So economical and easy to take care of.
  1. Teddy won’t snore – your Valentine will always have a peaceful night This little snuggly won’t keep you awake at night with weird noises, and won’t yell at you if you’re the one making weird noises.new baby teddy
  1. Teddy is a fantastic travelling companion – your Valentine can take him anywhere Pack him/her in your suitcase and you will have your wonderful companion to sleep with you in a strange bed. No need to buy an extra plane ticket.
  1. Teddy always gives you space in your bed  He won’t take up all the space in the bed with arms and legs stretched out everywhere. Teddy will give you all the space you need.
  1. Teddy is always the perfect gift to give your friend, sibling, parent, grandparent, aunty, uncle or partner.
  1. You like Teddy Bears and what better reason is there to give a teddy as a Valentine’s Day gift.

So there we have it Ten Reasons to give a Teddy Bear for Valentine’s Day.

Forget Me Not Mudgee has lots of Teddy Bear Hampers for a wonderful Valentine’s Day Gift. Here are just a few ideas: –

TEDDY BEAR WITH ROSES AND BOXdreamstime_s_36207444

  • Teddy Bear, Mini box of flowers, and box of chocolates
  • Teddy Bear, Heart Shaped Candle, and box of chocolates
  • Teddy Bear, Candle, box of chocolates and a small bouquet of roses depicting the message you really want to give. (See our story on the meaning of flowers for Valentine’s Day).
  • Or put together any combination you want.


For those of you who are interested here’s a little bit of Teddy Bear trivia for you: –

05bb897794370146aeb3c08fa9427e88The world’s most expensive bear was a Louis Vuitton Bear made by Steiffs and sold at an auction for $210,000 and is now housed at the Teddy Bear Museum in Jeju, Korea.

The sinking of the Titanic in 1912 saw the production of commemorative bears to respect the lives lost.

Studies have shown that touching a teddy bear can lessen the adverse psychological effects of social exclusion and reduce stress (Jarrett, 2011).

35 percent of adults admitted to sleeping with teddy bears and that’s only the people who would admit to it.


Jane Koitka – Stylist – guest writer for Forget Me Not Mudgee