Single and Valentine’s Day


We’ve watched with interest men of all ages rushing into Forget Me Not Mudgee to buy flowers for their Valentine, being their wife, their girlfriend, hoping to be their girlfriend or their partner.

Speaking to our client’s who don’t have a Valentine they see their Valentine as being a romantic partner.  This isn’t the case, your Valentine can be your friend, any member of your family, but most importantly yourself.  Treat yourself this Valentine’s Day.  Do something you have been wanting to do for some time but felt the occasion hasn’t been right.  Take yourself off to a new restaurant, go shopping and buy something you wouldn’t normally buy yourself, go to a concert, pick out your favourite book and spend the day reading.  Buy yourself a box of chocolates, flowers and a teddy bear.

BLOG old woman dreamstime_xs_18890394If none of the above sounds appealing then spread the joy to other’s who probably don’t have a Valentine anymore either.  Buy or pick some flowers and go visit one of your local nursing homes and give one to each of the residents for Valentine’s Day.  You will make their day and in turn make your own day.

Have a wonderful Valentine’s Day.

Forget Me Not Mudgee is open today Saturday 13th February and tomorrow Valentine’s Day 14th February.  There’s not only beautiful roses of all colours, lots of delicious Nina’s chocolates, but also some wonderful heart candles and cute teddy bears that make wonderful gifts too.





Guest writer:  Stylist – Jane Koitka