Treating Yourself

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Our last article was just before Valentine’s Day. You may or may not have read ‘Single and Valentine’s Day.’

We suggested if you were single it was your day to go out and blossom and do what you want to do. We have received a wonderful, (although to most people it will seem over the top), story from a Bachelor in Sydney who followed our advice.

For sometime he had been wanting to replace his grand piano with a new one and there was no better day than Valentine’s Day to take action. Now only a couple of days later he has his brand new Steinway Semi Concert Grand B211 firmly placed in his Living Room.

Wow! Well that’s how the rich and famous do it! We hope you treated yourself on Valentine’s Day as well, no matter how big or how small.

Thank you to the ‘rich and famous bachelor’ who shared his story with us.

The image above is from Steinway’s website, you can visit it here.

Sorry, Forget Me Not Mudgee doesn’t sell grand pianos, nor can we order one for you, but we can make your day special in many other ways.pc2703xl


Guest writer:  stylist Jane Koitka

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