Kathryn Sloane founded Forget Me Not Mudgee. Kath’s heart was in Mudgee. Her Grandparents lived here and her parents grew up here. Mudgee is where Kathryn wanted to live with her partner Pete.

kathryn sloane
Kath with little Maddy she and Pete raised from a baby joey.

Kath had a passion for flowers, and nature. She loved gardening, she loved animals. Animals loved her and she had many animal friends. Kath had a drive to innovate, invent and she excelled with her aesthetic talents. Bringing a new florist outlet to Mudgee became a dream Kath realised when 83 Market Street, a heritage listed building well over one hundred years old, became available for lease and later to purchase.

Forget Me Not Mudgee was born on the 13th November 2009, and Pete was by her side with his full support. Kath wanted more than a florist shop and expanded into gift lines and bringing delicious hand made Australian chocolates to Mudgee.

kathryn sloane
Jack Vidgen with Kath. Jack won Australia’s Got Talent in 2011.

Kath threw herself wholeheartedly into Forget Me Not Mudgee. It became Kath’s essence, her bliss, and her expression of love and nature. This was where Kath could celebrate her creativity, her original flair, and her glory.

Many people of Mudgee came to know and appreciate Kath’s charming nature. She was always outgoing and enthusiastic making it easy for people to warm to her with her easy manner and hearty sense of humour.

In March 2012, Kath was diagnosed with Cancer and tackled her battle with great courage, bravery and determination. Despite all her determination and strong will to live she could not beat nature’s call for her to move onto another plain in the universe. Before her passing it became extremely important to her, for her and Pete to be married. They were married on the 15th March 2014, just 3 days before she departed this life.

peter mchenery
Pete always happy to meet, greet and serve his many customers.

Pete now carries on with Forget Me Not Mudgee wanting to keep the essence of this beautiful little shop with its gorgeous flowers and delicious chocolates alive for the people of Mudgee and its visitors.

Our tribute to Kathryn Sloane: –

“There are things we don’t want to happen but have to accept,
Things we don’t want to know but have to learn,
And people we can’t live without but have to let go”  – Unknown.