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Our last article was just before Valentine’s Day. You may or may not have read ‘Single and Valentine’s Day.’

We suggested if you were single it was your day to go out and blossom and do what you want to do. We have received a wonderful, (although to most people it will seem over the top), story from a Bachelor in Sydney who followed our advice.

For sometime he had been wanting to replace his grand piano with a new one and there was no better day than Valentine’s Day to take action. Now only a couple of days later he has his brand new Steinway Semi Concert Grand B211 firmly placed in his Living Room.

Wow! Well that’s how the rich and famous do it! We hope you treated yourself on Valentine’s Day as well, no matter how big or how small.

Thank you to the ‘rich and famous bachelor’ who shared his story with us.

The image above is from Steinway’s website, you can visit it here.

Sorry, Forget Me Not Mudgee doesn’t sell grand pianos, nor can we order one for you, but we can make your day special in many other ways.pc2703xl


Guest writer:  stylist Jane Koitka

Single and Valentine’s Day


We’ve watched with interest men of all ages rushing into Forget Me Not Mudgee to buy flowers for their Valentine, being their wife, their girlfriend, hoping to be their girlfriend or their partner.

Speaking to our client’s who don’t have a Valentine they see their Valentine as being a romantic partner.  This isn’t the case, your Valentine can be your friend, any member of your family, but most importantly yourself.  Treat yourself this Valentine’s Day.  Do something you have been wanting to do for some time but felt the occasion hasn’t been right.  Take yourself off to a new restaurant, go shopping and buy something you wouldn’t normally buy yourself, go to a concert, pick out your favourite book and spend the day reading.  Buy yourself a box of chocolates, flowers and a teddy bear.

BLOG old woman dreamstime_xs_18890394If none of the above sounds appealing then spread the joy to other’s who probably don’t have a Valentine anymore either.  Buy or pick some flowers and go visit one of your local nursing homes and give one to each of the residents for Valentine’s Day.  You will make their day and in turn make your own day.

Have a wonderful Valentine’s Day.

Forget Me Not Mudgee is open today Saturday 13th February and tomorrow Valentine’s Day 14th February.  There’s not only beautiful roses of all colours, lots of delicious Nina’s chocolates, but also some wonderful heart candles and cute teddy bears that make wonderful gifts too.





Guest writer:  Stylist – Jane Koitka

Ten Reasons to give a Teddy Bear for Valentine’s Day


Nearly everyone loves a Teddy Bear, in fact many teddy bears have been treasured by their owners for years and there is always room to welcome another one in to the family.

Here are Ten Reasons to give a Teddy Bear for Valentine’s Day

  1. Teddy is the Softest of all Companions – you are giving one of the softest companions anyone can have.You can hug them for as dreamstime_s_14750371long as you want and they’ll just keep cuddling you back. The hugs are on your terms and it will be a perfect hug every single time.  They evoke a sense of peace, security and comfort.
  1. Teddy is a great listener – your recipient will always have a perfect listening companion Teddy will listen to all your troubles, issues and excitement.   They will never ask you to stop, never contradict you and will always have the greatest empathy for you.
  1. Teddy is wonderful to sleep with – your Valentine will always have the perfect sleeping companion It’s not just small children who need to take their teddy to bed with them; adults and elderlies love to sleep with their teddies too.
  1. Teddy is always helpful – your Valentine will always have somebody to bounce their ideas with Teddy will listen intently whilst you run your ideas past them for your school or work assignments, writing a speech and there’s nothing like practicing the delivery of your speech on your teddy bear.
  1. Teddy doesn’t have to be maintained – your Valentine will not have to worry about giving teddy a bath, feeding him, or taking him to the toilet  So economical and easy to take care of.
  1. Teddy won’t snore – your Valentine will always have a peaceful night This little snuggly won’t keep you awake at night with weird noises, and won’t yell at you if you’re the one making weird baby teddy
  1. Teddy is a fantastic travelling companion – your Valentine can take him anywhere Pack him/her in your suitcase and you will have your wonderful companion to sleep with you in a strange bed. No need to buy an extra plane ticket.
  1. Teddy always gives you space in your bed  He won’t take up all the space in the bed with arms and legs stretched out everywhere. Teddy will give you all the space you need.
  1. Teddy is always the perfect gift to give your friend, sibling, parent, grandparent, aunty, uncle or partner.
  1. You like Teddy Bears and what better reason is there to give a teddy as a Valentine’s Day gift.

So there we have it Ten Reasons to give a Teddy Bear for Valentine’s Day.

Forget Me Not Mudgee has lots of Teddy Bear Hampers for a wonderful Valentine’s Day Gift. Here are just a few ideas: –

TEDDY BEAR WITH ROSES AND BOXdreamstime_s_36207444

  • Teddy Bear, Mini box of flowers, and box of chocolates
  • Teddy Bear, Heart Shaped Candle, and box of chocolates
  • Teddy Bear, Candle, box of chocolates and a small bouquet of roses depicting the message you really want to give. (See our story on the meaning of flowers for Valentine’s Day).
  • Or put together any combination you want.


For those of you who are interested here’s a little bit of Teddy Bear trivia for you: –

05bb897794370146aeb3c08fa9427e88The world’s most expensive bear was a Louis Vuitton Bear made by Steiffs and sold at an auction for $210,000 and is now housed at the Teddy Bear Museum in Jeju, Korea.

The sinking of the Titanic in 1912 saw the production of commemorative bears to respect the lives lost.

Studies have shown that touching a teddy bear can lessen the adverse psychological effects of social exclusion and reduce stress (Jarrett, 2011).

35 percent of adults admitted to sleeping with teddy bears and that’s only the people who would admit to it.


Jane Koitka – Stylist – guest writer for Forget Me Not Mudgee

An Unforgettable Valentine’s Day


Red and White roses signifies “I’m madly in love with you and my intentions are honourable.”

The title may suggest you are about to read an unforgettable love story. Love was certainly all around but that was not the only reason for making this day an Unforgettable Valentine’s Day.

It was 2005 and I was on assignment in Manila in the Philippines. Valentine’s Day similar to many other countries in the world is one of the most celebrated days each year in the Philippines. It’s a place where people find it easy to express their love and appreciation of their loved ones. They exchange flowers, cards, love notes, chocolates and all types of gifts.couple valentines day

Malls, shops, flower shops, hotels and restaurants are highly decorated with red hearts, cupids, flowers, cuddly toys, heart-shaped chocolates and other delightful candy treats.

Couples, lovers, friends, families spend time together eating out in malls, restaurants, or picnicking in parks. It is not at all unusual for family members, or friends to give each other a single rose and to enjoy the festivities on Valentine’s Day Eve or Day.Single Red Rose dreamstime_s_28094204

On the eve of Valentine’s Day 13th February 2005, I was on my own and decided to go out for dinner to Greenbelt Plaza opposite the hotel I was staying in Makati City in Manila.53320637

Above some of the gardens at Greenbelt Plaza.

There were thousands of people dining out for the occasion, love was in the air and it was all around, the atmosphere was simply wonderful.

Deciding to dine al fresco in the romantic candle light setting in the beautiful Greenbelt Garden allowed me to enjoy the love and happiness that surrounded me.greenbelt-malls

Just finishing off my main course and enjoying a glass of wine I heard this very loud ‘bang.’ My immediate reaction was, ‘they must also have fireworks for Valentine’s Day.’ Looking around there were no fireworks, but large clouds of black smoke billowing over the beautiful outdoor setting, people getting up and leaving suddenly and looks of shock on many people’s faces. At about the same time my cell phone rang. It was one of my work colleagues to tell me bombs were going off and to get back into my hotel immediately.


The noise I heard and the smoke I saw was the blast of the Makati City bombing, which took place right alongside the Greenbelt Plaza where I was dining.

It has become known as the Philippine’s mini 9/11 because of the sequential nature of the attacks, and the occasion on which they occurred. Many people were killed and many more were injured. The Abu Sayyaf Group delivered them as a “Valentines gift” to then President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo.

Hurrying back into the hotel the security had increased ten-fold and after being interrogated I was allowed back in the Hotel. The Hotel dining areas and bars were empty and closed, but I needed a drink. Asking the Concierge if this was possible he invited me to the premier guest’s lounge on the top floor of the hotel.

When I arrived there was only one other person in the bar and that was the barman.   The barman could see how shaken I was. I said to him “I need a drink,” he replied “so do I.”

How comforting it was to sit with a kind, considerate and compassionate person. When the screams and the sirens had quieted we thanked each other for talking through what had happened.

An Unforgettable Valentine’s Day was the grim reality that things can change in an instant, it’s always important to tell those who matter to you, how much they matter, and often.  An Unforgettable Valentine’s Day not as one would have expected made me realise one should always expect the unexpected, and nothing should ever prevent us from celebrating Valentine’s Day each year.  We all deserve a happy Valentine’s Day, whether we are single or a couple.dreamstime_s_48464920













Jane Koitka – Stylist.  Guest writer for Forget Me Not Mudgee

Remember your friends on Valentine’s Day


Yellow roses symbolise friendship and caring.  A bouquet of yellow roses would be a perfect gift for your closest friends, male or female.

Most people think Valentine’s Day is just for couples.  That’s not the case, it’s for anyone you care about, male or female.  The perfect way to remember your friends on Valentine’s Day is with a beautiful bouquet of Yellow Roses.  Yellow Roses symbolise friendship and caring.  They provide the perfect message you will want to portray to say thank you for being my friend and caring about me.

Happy Valentine’s Day

Guest writer:  Stylist – Jane Koitka


Best Ever Valentine’s Day


Do you have a Best Ever Valentine’s story to tell?

February is the month of love with Valentine’s Day in the middle. I often think of and remember my Best Ever Valentine’s Day.

‘The love of my life’ and I decided we would take a couple of days off from an insanely hectic life and spend it at a small, beautiful and exclusive resort.

Valentine’s Day morning, ‘the love of my life’, was happy to read the newspaper whilst I went shopping. I still hadn’t bought anything for him. It had to be something unique and very special. I believed our break away was his gift to me.

Walking around the shops, inspiration eluded me until I looked in a gift shop window and saw a white gift box with a red ribbon. Then the idea struck, I bought a pack of notelets, went to a coffee shop, and whilst enjoying a coffee, I wrote one thing I loved about him on each piece of notepaper. There were over 100 notelets and I used all of them. The waiter helped me hold the lid on whilst I tied the ribbon around the box.

We enjoyed a long leisurely lunch together and as we went back to our Villa he told me he had a surprise for me. MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERAThe stairs leading to the bathroom had two hearts outlined in flower petals. Inside, the bathtub was a sea of flowers. It took my breath away. There were candles all around the room, soft romantic music playing and the most divine aromatherapy. I was to relax for as long as I felt like it.   At sometime I drifted off to sleep – it was the most heavenly experience I’ve had yet.


Afterwards, he had arranged a picnic dinner for the two of us on the bank of the beach. We watched the sun set, I gave him his gift, and for every note of love for him he verbally returned one to me. The chemistry between us was electric, the emotional compatibility was magnetic, spiritually we felt we had been together since the beginning of time and our intellectual compatibility took us to the depths of the earth. We saw the moon and the sun come up and we talked the whole night throught.  It was wonderful.  It was my Best Ever Valentine’s Day. BEACH SILHOUTES dreamstime_s_48802286

To the love of my life:-

Even if the sun refused to shine
Even if romance ran out of rhyme
You will still have my heart
Till the end of time


Do you have a Best Ever Valentine’s Day story you would like to share with us? Go to our contact page and email us now.

Oh, and don’t forget to place your order early for your Valentine’s Day flowers.

Jane Koitka – Stylist.  Guest writer for Forget Me Not Mudgee

The count down to Valentine’s Day is on.

valentine roses

14th February, St. Valentine’s Day is celebrated in many countries throughout the world.

The background of it’s patron saint is buried in centuries long gone and mostly forgotten about by many who see it more as a time of commercialisation than a time steeped in history and mystery. The celebration contains vestiges of both Christian and ancient Roman tradition dating back to the 13th century.

We are getting ready for this special day to spread the joy, love and happiness that flowers, chocolates and other small gifts bring to your loved ones.

Roses, particularly red, known for their symbolisation of ‘love’ are generally the most preferred flower for Valentine’s Day.Red roses from Pinterest

Have you given thought to the symbolic meaning of the different colours of roses as a Valentine’s gift? When you choose a certain colour or colours of roses you bring a whole new depth of feelings and emotions to the gift.

Remember, the count down to Valentine’s Day is on. This brief summary of some of the symbolic meanings may help in your decision-making: –

Red Roses. RED roses heart shapedThey are a true expression of love and convey respect, admiration, passion or devotion. If you are asking someone to ‘be yours,’ and ‘I love you’ then you need 12 red roses. Deep Red has a different meaning so stay away from them for Valentines.


White Roses. White is the colour of purity and generally associated with new beginnings.White roses




Yellow Roses: Yellow rosesYellow signifies platonic relationships and symbolise friendship and caring. This is the colour to use when your Valentine is a friend.


Pink Roses. Roses in basket boxThere are many different pink variations. Generally they convey gentle emotions of admiration, joy and gratitude.



Orange Roses: Orange rosesYou would choose these if you want to set your relationship on ‘fire.’ They send the message of passion, energy and intense desire. They are the only rivals to the red rose to signify romantic passion.


Lavender Roses: Mauve rosesIf you have just fallen in love with somebody then the lavender rose is a must. They express “love at first sight,” fascination and adoration.





Mixed roses in vaseMixing different colour roses will convey different emotions. For instance mixing red and white roses would mean ‘I’m madly in love with you and my intentions are honourable.” Whereas a random mix of roses could send mixed messages suggesting you are unsure of your feelings but you really do like the person.



We hope this helps you convey the right message to your Valentine. The countdown to Valentine’s Day is on; place your ORDER NOW so that we can get it just right for you.

Guest writer:  Stylist – Jane Koitka


Australia’s Native Plants

Wildlife flowers
In our ‘Australia Day another ‘Forget Me Not’ occasion’ blog we were curious about the number of natural plant species in Australia and asked four questions for those who may be interested. We now present the answers to the questions on Australia’s Native Plants.
  1. What is the estimated number of natural plant species in Australia?

Answer: There are an estimated 27700 plant species in Australia, including living fossils such as the cycad palm and the grass tree, and brilliant wildflowers such as the waratah, Sturt’s desert pea, banksia and kangaroo paws.

  1. What is another name for a gum tree?

Answer: Eucalypts. We  have around 2800 species of eucalypts (gum trees) in Australia. Australia’s Native Plants, the Eucalypts dominate the tree flora of Australia and make up almost 80 per cent of our forests.

The Eucalyptus’ are very valuable to us. Some of them have attracted attention from horticulturists, global development, researchers, and environmentalists because of their many desirable traits, including but not limited to: –

  • Fast-growing sources of wood,
  • Producing oil that can be used for cleaning,
  • As a natural insecticde, 
  • Aromatherapy oil
  • Oil that helps to ease pain in joints.
  • ‘and the colourful flowers many of the Eucalypts produce are a wonderful bonus.Eucalyptus flowers
  1. Name Australia’s floral emblem?

Answer: Acacia – commonly known as wattle.  There are some 1350 species of Acacia found throughout the world and close to 1000 of these are to be found in Australia. Acacia is the largest genus of vascular plants in Australia. Australia’s national floral emblem is Acacia pycnantha, the Golden Wattle. Wattle Day is celebrated on the 1st of September each year.  One of the most colourful of Australia’s Native Plants. Wattle

  1. Name NSW’s official flower emblem?

Answer: The Waratah. This spectacular flower comes from a stout, erect shrub, which may grow, to 4 metres. The flowers are grouped in rounded heads 7 to 10 cm in diameter surrounded by crimson bracts, about 5 to 7 cm long. It flowers from September to November and nectar-seeking birds act as pollinators. This is by far one of the most stunning of Australia’s Native Plants. Waratah

In celebrating Australia Day Forget Me Not Mudgee has some beautiful bouquets available containing some of our most splendid eucalyptus flowers. Don’t miss out this week; celebrate Australia and all the country has to offer with one of these bouquets.


Forget Me Not Mudgee's beautiiful Native flower arrangement.
Forget Me Not Mudgee’s beautiiful Native flower arrangement.

You can also keep it very simple by using one of our glass bottle vases.  Your could paint the glass the same colour as the flowers, or use coloured water the same colour as the flower (using food coloring), Wildflowers in bottleor wrap the bottle in hesion ribbon for a very natural look.  It will make a very pretty table decoration.

For more information on Australia’s Native Plants visit





Guest writer: Stylist – Jane Koitka

Australia Day another ‘Forget Me Not’ occasion.

Australian native flowers

Australian native flowers

Happy Australia Day! We hope you have had a memorable and unforgettable day.

It is a wonderful day. We come together to celebrate Australia as a nation and being Australian. It’s a day to reflect on what this country has achieved and be proud of our nation.

As we all know, today January 26th, Australia Day, is the anniversary of the arrival of the First Fleet of 11 convict ships from Great Britain, and the raising of the Union Jack at Sydney Cove by its commander Captain Arthur Phillip in 1788.

Now a diverse society and landscape, Australia has made some remarkable achievements and we look forward to a bright future.

Today many of us get together with our family and or friends or we take part in a community event. It’s a day when new citizens feel proud and excited to be called Australian for the first time after their citizenship has been conferred. We welcome them to our country.

This year, Forget Me Not Mudgee, was pleased to provide our customers with two special products.

  • Firstly some beautiful native Australian flowers. With so many natives and wildflowers growing in this country it is only natural we use those we can for our Australian Day celebrations.
  • Secondly we put together a special Australia Day hamper. Designed for people with little time to put together a gift to take to a party or BBQ or for friends or family who they couldn’t join for the day. The hampers comprised local wine from Stein’s winery, yummy cheeses, water wafers, and pear paste to enjoy with the cheese, organic almonds, and a box of our yummy Nina’s chocolates.
Australia day hamper
Example of Forget Me Not Mudgee’s Australia Day Hamper

Australia Day a ‘Forget Me Not Mudgee’ occasion let us test our knowledge on our natural plants and flowers.

  1. What is the estimated number of natural plant species in Australia?
  1. What is another name for a gum tree?
  1. Name Australia’s floral emblem?
  1. Name NSW’s official flower emblem?

We will let you know the answers in our next blog. Australia Day a ‘Forget Me Not Mudgee’ occasion.

Jane Koitka – Stylist.  Guest writer for Foget Me Not Mudgee. 


The Power of a Flower – Hydrangeas


Hydrangeas are one of my Mother’s favourite shrubs and were often the stars of her summer to autumn garden providing weeks of colour. Each year she loved to experiment with colour until she had changed some of her white (the hydrangeas natural colour) to blue, pink, mauve and purple and sometimes a mix of colour within the same plant.

The hydrangea has the ability to hold aluminum so the flowers can quickly turn blue or other colours based on the acidity of the soil. They can be yellow, green, pink, red, purple or violet.

Whilst they are not a difficult plant to grow, in a hot and dry climate such as Mudgee they do require quite a lot of water, regular debudding, and pruning each year to maintain their flushes of flowers.

The makers of artificial flowers have attained great expertise with reproducing the power of this flower the hydrangea and Forget Me Not Mudgee has some wonderful colours available depicting their bold and bountiful look.Image 13

The hydrangea originally came from Japan before it spread across Asia. Hundreds of years later it came to Australia, Europe and North America.

Not surprisingly with its origins in Japan, and humans being masters of symbolism this flower serves a double purpose as a symbol too. The hydrangea is a powerful flower. This shrub symbolizes diverse meanings and whilst overtime some have erred on the negative the positives far out way any of the negatives.fla422-pb_enlarge

The power of a flower – hydrangeas.  The Hydrangea flower’s message is: – A rare beauty, expressing heartfelt emotions and staying humble to become prosperous.

This is a beautiful, natural or artificial, flower for: –

  • Decorating your home,
  • As a gift,
  • It’s the flower of a 4th anniversary,
  • and the white and pink flowers make for magical floral decorations for weddings.

Come and see us at Forget Me Not Mudgee and let us help you put together a beautiful artificial Hydrangea arrangement.

Jane Koitka – Stylist.  Guest writer for Forget Me Not Mudgee.