It’s just amazing how real artificial flowers look and feel today, even professional florists can be fooled by how amazingly lifelike they are. The attention to detail in the making of artificial flowers is nothing short of incredible, from the tiny veins through a rose petal to the stamen of a lily, and the rich velvety feel of the succulents.

You will never be sorry when you invest in artificial flowers: –

  1. They are ideal for a hot climate like Mudgee, they won’t expire in the heat, and they won’t wilt, dry out or die.
  2. There’s nothing to be allergic to, no scents, no pollen, so there are no runny noses, no watering eyes and no sneezing. (You can add scent if you like)
  3. Availability is not ruled by the seasons. You can get what you want, when you want, in a wide variety of colours, shapes and sizes and at reasonable prices.
  4. You can create striking and unique arrangements as you bend and twist the stems, petals and flowers into any shape you want.
  5. It’s easy to update an existing arrangement by simply adding a few new flowers.
  6. You can express your true individuality with these flowers, traditional, elegant, fun, pretty, romantic, bold and beautiful, quirky, or outright eccentric.
  7. You can use them in every room in your house to enhance the décor of each room.
  8. They are great for table decorations, parties and even wedding bouquets.They last and last and are easy to freshen up with a quick clean in warm water.